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Welcome to The SGA Forum, for and by Governors. Sign in or register.

Welcome to the SGA Forum, supporting and Networking of Governors in Staffordshire.Welcome to the SGA Forum, supporting and networking of governors in Staffordshire.

The SGA Forum is a free to access resource for governors in Staffordshire.

Our online interactive forum is supported by regular meetings and networking events around the County in schools and academies where governors can meet governors to discuss the issues around governance.

Staffordshire governors play a key role in providing a securing a progressive, responsive and outstanding education for the young people of Staffordshire. This online and real world community work with each other to share experiences and best practice.

This is independent but supported and supportive of the infrastructure and solutions around us to deliver our role in school and academy life. Governance in schools and academies is a professional and responsible role without pay with support and challenge at the heart of our work.

Free Membership gives you access to:

  • Online discussion forum

  • Signpost hub to other resources available to governors

  • Attendance at local and County networking events

The SGA Forum is set up in support of the collaborative agenda of Staffordshire County Council to improve the outcomes and life chances of the young people of Staffordshire.

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